Monday, 8 September 2014

You Are Made For More!

Everybody needs encouragement, support and inspiration.
My friend, Carol, recommended this book.
Carol and I are life-long friends who have discussed every issue known to man (or woman)-
well, maybe not quite. But, for a number of years, we had a book club that discussed spirituality and religion from every angle.  That book club was called "Left Field".

This book is one of the most mainstream Christian books that we have read.  Lisa's brother is the pastor of the largest Protestant church in the United States and is well -known for his positive thinking.  In fact, some people think he smiles too much. But I have always appreciated being reminded of the importance of staying positive.  One of my favourite books is "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale.

The basic premise of Lisa Olsteen's book is that we are made for more than just surviving- we are made to thrive and flourish.
And so, she talks about things that can hold you back from the life you are meant to live.
Lisa, herself, has experienced some disappointments and heartbreak and has some great encouragement for every occasion.

Psalm 25: 12 "God will instruct you in the way chosen for you".

Reminders that I appreciated:
1.) Every season of your life has a purpose.
2.) You can look at difficulties as challenges.
3.) Nothing is impossible with God.
4.) Refuse fear- perfect love casts out fear.
5.) Simplify your life by simplifying your thoughts.
6.) Courage is a decision, not a feeling.
7.) Forgiveness is not an emotion but an act of the will.
8.) Believe the best in people.

Every life has a purpose.
Lisa often uses the phrase "What if"?  What if we didn't need to know everything?  What if we quit worrying?  What if we could do anything we wanted?  What would be a homerun for you?
These questions are interesting to ponder.
Lisa certainly gives you lots of encouragement, support and inspiration.  She reminds you to dream!  And expect more!

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