Friday, 12 September 2014

Benny and Shrimp

   I enjoy checking other blogs and add them to my bookmarks bar to get the flavour of the blog.  After following them for awhile, I decide if I want to continue with that blog or move on to others.  There are tons!
  On one blog, I found a very interesting idea: a quilters' book club.  Every year, each member makes a quilt based on a book.  This weekend, they are planning to display the quilts.  Since my daughter is a quilter and I am a reader, it seemed like a perfect outing for us to enjoy together.  One problem- the display is in Oregon! In my fantasy world, I would hop on a plane and go to that exhibit.  But, in reality, I will wait until that blogger puts the quilts on her blog.  She has promised to do that.
Check out her blog here.

About the novel:
  A young, childless, widow meets a bachelor farmer at the cemetery.  They are complete opposites.  She is a librarian- loves literature and the opera.  He is a dairy farmer, just trying to keep the farm running by himself since his parents are both dead.  His house is old and fusty!  Her apartment is white, clean and modern.  The premise provides the opportunity for great humour!
  It's a very short, fun read!  But, the ending is..well, you want to read more!  The author tells you at the end that she has written a sequel.  But I cannot find any evidence of that on the internet.  Frustrating!
  The novel was made into a film in Sweden and won awards.  I want more!!!

About the author:  Katarina Mazetti lives in Sweden.  She has been a journalist, and a teacher, as well as a children's author.  This is her first adult novel.

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