Monday, 29 September 2014

Martha's Vineyard : Book 2

Our booklist for BookWomen always includes books to familiarize us with the area.
This book is perfect for that!

"Home Bird: Four Seasons on Martha's Vineyard"
 by Laura Wainwright
This book contains 27 essays of everyday life on Martha's Vineyard.  The author is very poetic as she writes about birds, animals, sunsets, water, beachcombing, plants, trees.
"The vibrant world is always there.  It's just a matter of paying attention."

As some birds pass through Martha's Vineyard while others stay, so also, many visitors come for a season but leave. The author is a 'home bird'.  But she is a 'home bird' who is able to describe everyday life in beautiful lyrical ways.  Since food is very important to her life on Martha's Vineyard, she includes 8 of her favourite recipes.

This book not only familiarizes you with Martha's Vineyard, but it also helps you remember to connect with nature at every opportunity.

"Occasionally water and movement and beauty create an alchemy that is the closest I get to rapture".
Wow!  Rapture on Martha's Vineyard!  Can't wait to get there!

P.S. I just got more info about the trip and our group has been invited for tea with Laura Wainwright.  Fun!

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