Friday, 26 September 2014

Martha's Vineyard : Book 1

Martha's Vineyard
This month, I will be attending a 'Bookwomen' event on Martha's Vineyard.
"BookWomen' is the name of a bimonthly magazine created by The Minnesota Women's Press in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1985.
A year later, book groups began at this location and grew in popularity, leading to 'reading on the road' and 'book retreats'.
My friend Terri discovered this group and we recognized that we could combine our love of reading with our love of travel.  This will be our fourth event- having explored Arizona, North Carolina and Bath, England.

We have five books to read for this trip, where we will have discussions as well as meet authors and learn about the area.

I began my reading with "Death and Honesty" by Cynthia Riggs.
This author is most fascinating.  She was educated as a geologist, then taught at the Annapolis Sailing School.  She lived on a houseboat for 13 years while running the Chesapeake Bay Ferry Boat Company.  She wrote for the National Geographic Society and Smithsonian, spending two months living in Antarctica.  She also raised 5 children.
In her 60's she began writing novels about an amateur detective named Victoria Trumbull- age 92!

Last year, Cynthia, at 81, married a man that she had worked with sixty years ago.  They live on Martha's Vineyard and we have learned that we will be meeting Cynthia as well as discussing her books.

"Death and Honesty" is the seventh book in this detective series.  The eleventh book has just been released.  I have read that the author plans to write 20 books in this Victoria Trumbull detective series.  We could chose any book by this author, so I chose this book because of the cover!

I don't know much about mysteries but this novel has a few storylines with some interesting characters. The novel takes place in a week, with  3 murders.  The basic problem is a tax collector and 3 assessors who are skimming money off of the property taxes.  Also, a T.V. minister is running a porn scam.  Lots of action for a small town, but the 92-year-old sleuth solves the crimes and confronts the murderer on her own.
The language is simple and straighforward.  It was a fun read!

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