Saturday, 17 December 2016

Noah Hawley

   How do I discover new books to read?  Well, sometimes friends recommend books or I read other blogs.  My daughter lets me know when her quilting bloggers write reviews of books.  And so, I started following "Sister's Choice Quilts".  Quilters are often great readers!
   Please click here to see what this blogger had to say about Noah Hawley's book "Before the Fall".
   Since Christmas is approaching, I thought that a book about a plane crash was not a good idea, but perhaps I could try another book by this author.
   So I tackled "The Good Father".  I realized that it was about a young man who shot a U.S. senator running for president, but the story was written from the viewpoint of the father and I was curious to see how a family would deal with this horrendous disruption in the family.
   Well, I got quite attached to the father, a very interesting doctor, and read right through to the end in order to discover how he finally came to terms with his son's act.      However, in the meantime, the author included many stories of other assassins- such as Sirhan Sirhan and Lynett "Squeaky" Fromme.  I had no idea that there were so many assassinations or attempted assassinations.  And the details of these lives interested me not at all!
   However, I always check what other readers have to say and some people are very intrigued by these assassins and what makes them tick.
  Actually, human nature does fascinate me and this author can definitely write. The father said, "I had spent the last three months trying to compile the evidence, to add up all the moments from Danny's childhood that could provide a diagnosis. a definitive answer to who he was and why he did the things he did, and yet in life everything is open to interpretation."
  I enjoyed the writing, but the content was too violent for me.
Noah Hawley

   Noah Hawley is an American film and television producer, screenwriter, composer, and author, known for creating and writing the FX television series Fargo.
  Noah has writtten five books, but our library only has these two.