Friday, 23 February 2018

The Pearl Sister

How I love this series!
This is the fourth book in the series.
Another book filled with interesting storylines, moving to different locations in the world.
A family of sisters who were all adopted, are now finding out the history of their birth families.
Each book is a long saga and there are two main alternating storylines in this book-  Ce Ce's present life and the story of her ancestors as she is discovering it. 

The author, Lucinda Riley, is speeding up her writing.  Her first books were a year apart, but this book was out 6 months after the last one.
Here are the other three books.

The Seven Sisters :Maia. Read about it here.
The Storm Sister: Alcyone (Ally) Read about it here.
The Shadow Sister:  Asterope (Star) Read about it here.

The Pearl Sister:   Ce Ce has dropped out of art college and is at loose ends since her sister Star, who had always been her shadow, has moved on with her life.
  I am particularly enjoying this book because it takes you to Australia.  I have been there and remember many of the places that are mentioned in the story.
   The complexity of the plot is astounding, weaving historical events into the storylines, with so many fascinating characters.

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