Friday, 9 February 2018

"Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business"

  Dolly is such a conundrum- so fake and glittery on the outside and so sincere and sweet on the inside.  I enjoy her music and have visited Dollywood.
  I was just in the mood for some 'downhome stories' and I also thought it would be fun to read about the Country and Western singers of the past.
  I smiled at her story of a 'pie supper'.  The girls took pies and the guys bid on them and sat with the girl whose pie they bought. It never happened in the town where I grew up, but I have read about it in other stories.  Living in the country has its benefits in their creative attempts at entertainment.
  Of course, the real creativity was with the mother who gave birth to 12 children before she was 35.  She sewed up gashes and kept her family safe and healthy while making games of everything- like making 'stone soup' for supper.
   The peddler came in an old school bus, with pots and pans rattling, people got their false teeth from the funeral home (really?), school clothes were made from flour sacks.  wow!  The stories she can tell about living in the 'hollers' of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee!

Another reason that Dolly is a conundrum is that she exudes sex, but has been married for 51 years and, by all accounts, is a one-man woman, although she admits that they are not together much because he stays away from the limelight.  But she always goes home to him.
She just turned 72.  Can you believe it?

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