Monday, 26 February 2018

Gretchen Rubin

   I am struggling through the Canada Reads' choices for this year.  The theme is: 'Open Your Eyes' and I am finding that the books are not only opening up my eyes, but they are making me even more disturbed about the state of the world than I already was.  As though watching the daily news doesn't already affect me in that way.  Focussing on the horrors of the world is no good for my psyche.
  So...I picked up my copy of "The Happiness Project" to get me out of this angst.
  Well, I didn't really find Gretchen Rubin helpful even though she has done extensive 'happiness' research.

A friend recommended this Youtube song to help me out of my funk, and remind me that most people are good.

    With this cheery country and western song playing in my head, I just got back to the things that make me happy- family, friends and travel.  The books that I create, remind me of those great things in my life.

   So I planned some more trips and worked on books about past trips.  And I got back to reading my book club choices and thinking about all the book clubs that I have belonged to.  
   I have made two books about my travels with my friend, Terri on 'Bookwomen' trips. These trips combine books and travel. 
   These memories make me happy, so I better get busy creating more- memories and books.

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