Friday, 6 January 2017

The Seven Sisters

   This book has a very intriguing introduction.  Pa Salt, a multimillionaire, adopted 6 girls from around the world.   
  They were mostly raised by a very loving housekeeper.  Their life was idyllic, as Pa Salt encouraged each girl to follow her dreams and interests in life. So they were all well-established in life when Pa Salt suddenly died, with none of the girls nearby.  His instructions were followed and he was immediately buried at sea from his yacht.  The girls, surprisingly, knew nothing about their father's business or his life in general.  
armillary sphere
  When the girls arrived at Pa Salt's house after his death, they were each given a letter and shown an armillary sphere (used in astronomy)  that was specially made with one band for each girl, showing the coordinates of her birthplace.

   And so, the author has chosen to write a series of books as each daughter searches for her heritage.
   The author has done much research and included fascinating information on each birthplace.  This first book follows Maia's search for her heritage and she ends up in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, where she discovers an interesting love story involving her great grandmother and meets her grandmother on her deathbed.
  Maia falls in love with an author, Floriano, whose books she has translated.
  But....the book ends with the beginning of Alley's story.  She is in the family home, picks up the telephone to make a call and.....
"Holding the receiver to my ear as I made to dial the number, I realized someone else in the house was already on the line.  The shock of hearing the familiar, resonant tones of the voice that had comforted me from childhood forced me to interrupt the conversation.  "Hello?"  I said, hurriedly reaching over and turning the CD player down to make absolutely sure it was him.  But the voice at the other end had become a monotonous bleeping, and I knew he had gone".....
   MYSTERY!  Is Pa Salt still alive??????

Lucinda Riley
   Lucinda Riley was born in Ireland.  She was an actress in film, theatre and television.  Then she began writing.  She had written 7 books when she got the inspiration for this series of books, based on the constellation "Pleiades"- the Seven Sisters.
   Lucinda now divides her time between England and Ireland with her husband and four children.

This series of books will include 7 books and the mystery that was set up at the beginning of the first book will not be divulged until the last book.
Already written:
Book 1: The Seven Sisters
Book 2: The Storm Sister
Book 3: The Shadow Sister
So it will be four years before we get to know the mystery of Pa Salt.  In the meantime, there is a lot of reading to be done.  These books are long- but interesting!

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