Monday, 16 January 2017

"Nostalgia" by M.G.Vassanji

Here's an author that I recognize.  I have read "The In-Between World of Vikram Lall".  I found Vassanji's writing enjoyable- great description. And so, I tackled this science fiction book that is also on the Canada Reads longlist.

Vassanji lives in Toronto and speaks in the area often.  He has won the Giller Prize twice as well as many more prizes.
He really is a good author, but this book made no sense to me. Perhaps this is his first book in this genre.

   The theme of "Nostalgia" is immortality.  After a lifetime, you are given a new "fiction" and become a GN (new-generation person).
   I have a million questions that were never answered.  It appears that you get a new body as well as a new fiction- or memory.  All memories from that past life are erased.
   The protagonist is a doctor that makes sure that the past doesn't leak into the present.  This is what happened with one of his patients and the doctor becomes very involved in his life until you realize that he had been related to this man in a previous life.
  I didn't enjoy the writing and didn't understand the concept.

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  1. You can't call it immortality if neither the body nor the memories remain,. This is a new person...
    Did NOT enjoy the book as the concept was full of flaws