Friday, 20 January 2017

"Sleeping Giants" by Sylvain Neuvel

   This is Sylvain Neuvel.  He dropped out of school at 15.  But this young man is obviously not what you might expect from a high school dropout.
   Listen to what he says about himself, "My main interests are word-based morphology, computational morphology, as well as formal and lexical semantics and most of my work focuses on a formal characterization of polysynthesis, compounding and agglutination in word-based morphological terms."
   Yes, this man has amassed quite an education in spite of his disinterest in high school- in fact, he is now in his forties. He is the director of translation services and a software engineer for a Montreal company, but his personal interest is in robotics and science fiction.
  Neuvel interests me as well as his novel "Sleeping Giants".  You can tell from the first page that this is not your regular author.  He has an extremely creative mind.  This story is told through interviews, newspaper headlines, and journal entries.
  It begins with a young girl falling into a large hole in the ground and landing on a 20-foot long mechanical hand.  Oh, yes, and there was a  bright light emanating from it.
  The novel has a lot of intrique and I have read that it is being made into a movie.  I think it will equal 'Jurassic Park" in action and excitement.  The author plans to continue the story in two more books.
P.S. This is another book from the Canada Reads longlist.  I'm whipping through the science fiction.

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