Monday, 20 October 2014

North Dakota, 1951

   I read about this book on a blog that I follow.  It seemed like a great change for me.  North Dakota.  I loved driving through that state.  It seemed to be a journey book and I was hoping to recapture the feel of North Dakota.  I was unfamiliar with the author.
   Well,  it certainly did make me feel that I was traveling in North Dakota.  The writing was so descriptive! This author can certainly write!
   There were not many characters in the novel, but there were some to love and some to hate.  Love that!  And the writing enabled me to really get to know all of them.  Margaret and George Blackledge are the main characters- grandparents to a little boy.  After their son died, their daughter-in-law lived with them for awhile until she was swept off her feet by Donnie Weboy, who took the boy and his mother to live with his 'clan' in Montana.  Well, Grandma is worried about the grandson and sets off to bring him home.
   Margaret, the grandmother, was described this way: "A woman willing to plunge into any water, no matter how icy or swift, if she has a reason to get to the other side."  But can she take on 'the Weboy tribe'?
  I found myself completely drawn into this story.  Beautiful language!  But..but..but.  What has happened to quotation marks?????

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