Sunday, 12 October 2014

Martha's Vineyard- afterthoughts

                    Here are my fellow 'Bookwomen' in Edgartown Inn in Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard.

 While on my "Bookwomen" experience in Martha's Vineyard, our group met 6 authors, a publisher, 2 book store owners, a curator at the museum, and a spokeswoman for the Wampanoag people.  All these women added to our understanding of the island and its history.

Laura Wainwright
view from Laura's house

Laura Wainwright invited us to her home for freshly-made pie.  She has written a delightful book of essays on daily life on Martha's Vineyard- "Home Bird".  The recipe for the cranberry pie came from her book and was delicious!
She chatted with us by a fire.  So cozy!  Just like her book!

We met June Manning at the Aquinnah Cliffs where there were some shops run by the Wampanoag people. She spoke eloquently about the Wampanoag people who lived on Martha's Vineyard when the Pilgrims arrived in 1620.
We had discussed "Caleb's Crossing" by Geraldine Brooks, where the Wampanoag people were important to the story.  So, it was interesting to hear from this very involved Wampanoag woman about the life of her people on Martha's Vineyard today.

Cynthia Riggs is a fascinating woman who writes a murder mystery series with a 92-year-old sleuth.  Cynthia is working on the twelfth book in the series. She talked about writing, not from a summary or plot but just as the story comes into her mind.  Her characters are based on real people and she is often seen wearing a shirt that says: "Careful or you'll end up in my novel".  Loved her!

This beautiful room was the setting for a talk by Shirley Mayhew, a photographer/writer, and Susanna Sturgis, whose novel "Mud of the Place" was one of our discussion books.

The 'Bookwomen' greatly enjoyed the 5-day event on Martha's Vineyard with so many rich experiences!
Our thanks to 'Bookwomen' organizer, Molly Hoban.
Molly is the co-founder of Minnesota Women's Press in St. Paul, Minnesota.  She creates these 'Bookwomen' opportunities for women to meet, read, learn, write , talk and explore.
Thanks, Molly!

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