Friday, 17 October 2014


   Some people collect cookbooks.  I have never done that.  I am not great in the kitchen and the only cookbooks that I recall buying were "Magnificent Cookies Cookbook" and "Simply Souper".  I used to bake a lot of cookies and I loved making soup.
   But this is a cookbook that I wish I had bought.
"Fresh From the Farm: a year of recipes and stories".

   We visited the author, Susie Middleton, on her farm when we were on Martha's Vineyard.  She is a fascinating woman who has a great story to tell.  And she tells about it in this cookbook.  Susie had a corporate job, but finds much greater satisfaction from life on the farm.  She grows fruit and vegetables and writes great recipes for preparing them.  She has added chickens and cannot keep up the demand for fresh eggs.

  This little store on her property gives local people a chance to buy her produce.  It is run on the honour system.  Help yourself.

   Some of our group bought her book "Fresh From the Farm" and report that the book explains techniques for cooking vegetables that you can use often.  The gingery brussel sprouts and roasted broccoli florets tasted great and the recipes were easy to follow.  
  I have just discovered that this book is in the library so I will check it out and try some of the recipes and also read about Susie's mid-life change in career.
   Then I may decide to buy it.

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