Friday, 5 February 2016

Twelve Books of Christmas

We have just returned from our 'winter getaway' at Fern Lodge with Drayton Entertainment Travel Club.
We enjoyed the cabarets featuring these talented entertainers.
There were great conversations around the table and sometimes the subject was books- my favourite!
Curtis, one of the entertainers, turned out to be a reader, and shared his thoughts on several books. 
 Then he told me a story that I found fascinating.
Every year, he buys his wife, Chaz, twelve books.  Those are not the only books she reads.  She also has her own list of books that she reads and posts on Facebook so that her friends can add to their own list of future reads, or make comments.
But the "Twelve Books of Christmas" tradition really interested me- perhaps because it meant that Curtis researched and put a lot of thought into his choices.  He checked award winners and read reviews.
I wrote Chaz a note and she sent me these great photos of her "Twelve Books of Christmas".

Great idea! What a tradition! Thanks, Chaz and Curtis!


  1. Wow! I would feel like a kid again on Xmas morning! I would be impossible to buy for however, due to my book buying habit. I would like to make it easy for the giver - how about a $250 Chapters gift card?

  2. Thanks for the mention Betty. I look forward to reading my way through 2016, but not at the pace that you read!! 😀

  3. Dear Betty,
    Thank you for sharing our story. It was a great pleasure meeting you and John, and I was pleased to discover our mutual enthusiasm for books. I love your book blog and look forward to following your literary escapades. Happy reading!
    ~ Curtis

  4. This would make Christmas morning truly exciting again. Imagine the thrill of discovering what had been chosen. I will definitely put this on my Wish list for this year and then maybe just drop a few hints!!