Friday, 12 February 2016

"Century Trilogy" by Ken Follett

Ken Follett
Who would want to tackle this series?  All the events of the last century in 3000 pages or less (not much less).  Look at this lovely face.  Does he look like a man who would write books that are 1000 pages long?  And what a grasp he has on all the events of the twentieth century.
Fall Of Giants c2010
Winter Of  The World c2012
Edge Of Eternity c2014

My husband loves this series! He is so impressed with Ken Follett's ability to evoke every human emotion- from absolute ecstasy to absolute hatred.
There is a full portrayal of lovers- young and old.  But it also swings to complete and utter hatred.

John loves to read history and romance, so this is his 'perfect read'.
The historic content is superb.  You are able to experience all the emotions of the events of the last century.  
Although the size of each book is daunting, he highly recommends this series.
And it appears that others agree with him.  Ken's books have sold 150 million copies and many have been made into movies.
Cheers to a great author, Ken Follett!

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