Monday, 17 March 2014

Why I Love to Read, part 5

Why I Love to Read- Monday special.
Reason number 5:
I love to read because books are often made into movies.
It is most interesting to see how the book is presented in visual form.
When you have developed the whole world in your brain, it sometimes doesn't match what you see on the screen.
But the movie can also enhance your enjoyment.  When the story takes place in a time or place that is far from your experience, the visuals make the story much richer.

The novels of Jane Austen are easily available in movie form and transport you to 19th century England.

It is even more difficult to visualize the life of early prehistoric humans.  I was fascinated with the Earth Children series, but the movie really brought it to life in a new way- just to imagine the earth before civilization, the lushness of the environment!  Delightful!
Clan of the Cave Bear

"Angela's Ashes" was such a wonderful book, that I was hesitant to watch the movie.  The story is very emotional and heart-breaking.  I decided to go to the theatre and sit in the back- alone, so that I could cry as much as needed.  However, it turned out to not be as emotional as the book.  The children were so delightful and took the sting out of the emotion.  It was really enjoyable!

Other movies turned out to be more emotional than the book - 
"Bridges of Madison County",  "The Help", "The Horse Whisperer".
I chose not to see "The Hunger Games" movie.  I had enough difficulty with the book.
  The whole concept just freaked me out!

New experience for me!
We are going to Pennsylvania on a bus trip,
 and one of the experiences will be a stage production of the book
 "Half-stitched" by Wanda Brunstetter.
Amish territory, Amish novel.
Can't wait!

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