Friday, 4 May 2018

Lisa Genova

   Lisa Genova has a PhD in neuroscience from Harvard University.  Yes, she is brilliant!  And she writes amazing fiction!
   Each novel has a brain disability at its core, making it extremely interesting.
  Her first book was "Still Alice", which she self-published.  In that novel, Alice Howland is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's while she is a professor at Harvard.  The story is fictional, but the Alzheimer's Society has endorsed the book.  Lisa wanted 'to give a face and a voice to this disease that affects 500,000 people under 65 in U.S.A.'
  I read that book shortly after it was published.  It was very popular. 

   Then Lisa wrote "Left Neglected", which I have just read for the second time. 
  Sarah Nickerson, a high-powered executive with three young children, has a car accident and suffers from brain damage resulting in a condition termed 'left neglect'.  Very fascinating!  Her eyes are fine but she can't see anything on her left, nor feel the left part of her body.  There are deeper issues concerning neglect in this book.  It is very thought-provoking and important for our time.  AND, beautifully written!
  When Sarah is finally able to snowboard, she says, "It feels like excitement and terror are tumbling around inside my chest like clothes in a dryer".

  Two more books have been written that I have not read yet:  "Love Anthony" (a child with autism) and "Inside the O'Briens" (about Huntington's disease).
   Her new book has just been released: "Every Note Played", about a concert pianist with ALS.  
   I am very interested in reading this book but it will be awhile, because there is a long waiting list at the library.

   Lisa lives with her family on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  You must try one, two, or more of her books.  A reader's delight!

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