Monday, 7 May 2018

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

   Eleanor Oliphant is the narrator in this quirky novel.  The author was exploring the idea of 'loneliness' in a young woman.  And Eleanor was definitely lonely. 
  "I do exist, don't I? It often feels as if I'm not here, that I'm a figment of my own imagination.  There are days when I feel so lightly connected to the earth that the threads that tether me to the planet are gossamer thin, spun sugar.  A strong gust of wind could dislodge me completely, and I'd lift off and blow away, like one of those seeds in a dandelion clock."
   This is definitely a character-driven book and I do enjoy interesting characters.  I also love to see character development.  Well, you really get inside Eleanor's skin as her backstory is revealed- bit by bit.  And it is heart-breaking. The end of the book details her therapy, ending in quite a shock.

  Eleanor, at 29, living on her own, is very regimented and alone in the world.  Her insistence on speaking clearly is really entertaining- great vocabulary!
  I learned about this book from another blog: "A Librarian's Thoughts on books".   You can read about it here.

  We both really loved "Eleanor Oliphant".
  The author, Gail Honeyman, lives in Glasgow, Scotland.  This is her first novel.  Excellent writing!

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