Friday, 29 September 2017

"Emancipation Day" by Wayne Grady

   On the left is the cover of the book that I read and I thought the picture  was interesting.
   But, there is another cover that is more interesting. 
   Unfortunately, the top of the picture is cut off a bit.
   The photo on the right recognizes the importance of jazz music to the story, which takes place mostly in Windsor and Detroit in the 1940's.
   I am fascinated by the fact that it took 20 years for Wayne to finish writing this book, which is based on his family.  His father was born of black parents but was very light -skinned and passed for white- didn't even tell his wife.  She discovered what her husband was hiding shortly before Wayne was born.
  I had no idea of the racial tensions in Windsor and had never heard of the race riot in Detroit in1943. I found this information very interesting.
  Wayne's mother was from Newfoundland and was very naive.  Jack's father was a sailor (also a musician) and was very suave.  Quite a love story.  

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