Saturday, 2 September 2017

eclectic reading

   Last week I realized that I was involved in a strange assortment of books.  That is not surprising because, at one time, I belonged to a classic book club, a modern fiction book club and a non-fiction book club with spiritual relevance.  So every month I read a variety of books.  But I don't often have three books 'on the go' at the same time.  
   After a few days, I decided to finish one at a time- easier to appreciate each one and put all my thoughts into that book.
  These are the books that I was reading:

    Many people are thinking that we need a change of focus in the Christian church.  The Reformation was 500 years ago.  Is there a need for another shift?   


A murder mystery that is on everyone's reading list this year.  Why?

  We all know the novels of Charlotte and Emily Bronte.  But what about their sister Anne?

  Can you guess which one I decided to finish first?  The murder mystery was definitely not my favourite, but you have to keep reading in order to keep all the 'clues' in your mind.  Got it finished first. Then the religious book.  It was heavy, and I needed to stick with it to appreciate the whole picture.  And now I am enjoying the classic.  Love Victorian literature!  The words!  The words!

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