Monday, 15 February 2016


  Nicholas Sparks is one of John's favourite romance authors.
  Sparks may best be remembered for "The Notebook" which is being made into a T.V. series.
  Nicholas Sparks has sold 100 million copies of his books.  Wow!  He has written 12 novels and "The Choice" is the 11th book to be made into a film.
   Well, it was Valentine's Day and guess where I was taken for my valentine's special?  "The Choice" was showing at a local theatre and we nearly had a 'private showing' - only one other person in the theatre.
  I must say that I do enjoy some of Sparks' books but find that they go over the edge on romance for me on occasion- and this was the occasion!
  One critic wrote: Cloying and formulaic, "The Choice" is another Nicholas Sparks story of love with a twist of sadness.
   Cloying means excess and, like I said, it was over the edge for me.
 The critic also said that although romance novels thrive on an element of fantasy, this novel pushes the limits of believability too far at times, especially at the end.  Oh, yeah!
  However, that wasn't my only valentine's treat.  John also arranged for a barbershop quartet to come to our house and serenade me.  And I loved, loved that!
  We always enjoy the barbershop choir and attend all performances.  So I was delighted when a quartet arrived at our house!  I love the fact that much of the choir is older men and they have fabulous energy and spirit.  This quartet provided great entertainment- more than the movie.  Real men with real stories and great enthusiasm!
And I got carried away when they gave me a rose!

Who needs Nicholas Sparks?  
We have our own love story that started 60 years ago this month.


  1. What a beautiful photo of you and John. The love shines through.

  2. Beautiful picture of a beautiful couple! You are both so lucky to have each other.