Monday, 29 February 2016

Read it again

   This month I was re-reading two books in order to lead the book club discussions.  They were both my recommendations and I try not to recommend books unless I have read them.  Since I go to a number of book clubs, that means that I re-read quite a few books.  Last year, there were eleven books on that re-read list.
   The second reading is not always the same as the first reading.  Sometimes I like it better, sometimes not.
"Girl in Translation" by Jean Kwok
   The first time I read this book was for a new book club just started in one of the library branches and I wanted to go to support and encourage that group. 
It gave me a new understanding of the immigrant experience.  Although all immigrants do not experience the same circumstances, this story was powerful.  The girls in the book club last week, really latched onto the dilemma in the novel and were e-mailing about if for days.
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Isn't it interesting that both of these covers show the back of a woman's head?  Actually, I like the first one, but the cover for "A Young Wife" does not fit the book in any way.

"A Young Wife" by Pam Lewis
   I don't recall where I discovered this novel but I know that it was a story that I couldn't forget.
  My favourite stories are about women and the challenges they face.
   This novel takes place in 1912 in The Netherlands.  Minke was only 15 when she married but I loved her spirit and the way she handled the difficulties that life brought to her. I enjoyed the characters - some to love, some to hate, and the settings were well-described. Most of the readers in the book club enjoyed the book- especially those with ancestors from this part of the world.  There were two women who did not like the book- one adamantly so.  But I believe it was a good book club choice as it stimulated great discussion.
   Re-reading a good book is always fun.  The protagonists in these books are like friends and I was happy to re-visit them!

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