Thursday, 21 August 2014


Stacks! Stacks!  The house is full of stacks!
Earth's Children Series by Jean Auel
I just picked up this whole series in trade paperback and I love it!  They are so much easier to read in this format.  We are working our way through the series.  Since there was such a long time between publication of books, we need to read the whole series in order to appreciate the ending of the series.

Here are three of the five books that I am reading for the literature course at the library.

These are three of the five books that I'm reading for my upcoming trip with Bookwomen.

This is a group of inspirational/ psychological/ philosophical books from Carl Sagan to Michael Neill, recommended by friends.

These are the piles of books on my bedside table. They are just waiting, waiting, waiting! I look at them every night and wonder when I will get to them.   But I have to finish the library books first- as well as the books for book clubs and courses.  I love the cover of Louise Erdrich's book "The Round House".  The book called "Mary Coin" was picked up at Chapters because the premise sounded really interesting and I read it all the way home (I wasn't driving).  But now it also has to wait.

There are days that I think that I will quit all the book clubs and just work on these stacks.  But I would desperately miss the mental stimulation of discussing books.

This is a bin that I hide with all the books that I have picked up in my travels, intending to read on return.  But that never happens, and they collect.  The "Alcatraz" book was bought at Alcatraz from the author who had been a prisoner there.  "Where White Horses Gallop" was also bought from the author at a signing in Sydney, Nova Scotia.  I love bringing books home from my travels but I immediately get caught up with book clubs and can't find time for my 'traveling treasures'.

I never put a book on my actual book shelves until I have read it and decide that I will want to read it again.
So- no pictures of my book shelves. They are full of wonderful reading memories.
But the T.B.R. stacks continue to accumulate!

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