Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Good books/ Bad books- part 9

What do other readers think about 'bad books'?
  I sent out an appeal for suggestions from other readers, but they are even more hesitant than I am to suggest a title for the 'bad books' list.

Danielle Steele

  Shannon suggests anything by Danielle Steele could be on the 'bad books' list.
She also thought that "Angels and Demons" was not well written even though it had a good premise.  She feels that Dan Brown's writing is lazy.

   Many readers don't have any 'bad books' because they follow the Nancy Pearl rule- don't read beyond 50 pages if you are not enjoying the book.  In fact, Nancy even suggests that the '50 page rule' be changed if you are over 50 years of age.   You should subtract your age from 100 and only read that far before deciding whether to continue.
  That seems like a good rule for those who are reading exclusively for pleasure.

  I read from curiosity.  I want to know about books and authors, so I have to finish a book to really know what it is about.  I like to know what my family and friends are reading.  I like to know what is popular in the world.
  When I published a series of blogs on "Why I Love to Read", I mentioned the importance of connecting with the reading community.  So I read book club choices whether I like the book or not.  As you will see in a future post, I even reread books that I didn't like the first time.
  I read all Canada Reads choices as well as One Book One Community.  I go to book retreats and read whatever is suggested there.  My goal goes beyond enjoying and entertaining myself.  I want to be 'well-read'.
  And, in the process, I encounter "bad books".
The end

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