Friday, 6 June 2014


In my blog on "The Invention of Wings", I made a significant mistake.  And my daughter caught it!  Way to go, Kathy!  John usually edits my blog before I publish it, but he hadn't read the book, so wouldn't catch this error.
Sarah's slave was not 'Helpful', but 'Handful'.  There is a big, big difference.

Also, Kathy responded to the thought about the title.
Her thoughts:

The title has to do with the relationship between Handful, her mom, and her mom's mom... and the ability to fly away and to be free from whatever holds you down.  She talked about the bones on her back one day growing into wings.  It was based on an African folk tale but I can't remember if it was real or part of the story that was created for the novel.

Also, it's about every character's desire to grow their own wings and escape from the societal constraints of that time.  Everyone, the slave owners and the slaves, both the women and the men in this book were unhappy with the way their roles forced them to be/live.

And she connects the title to the quilting story lines with the flying geese blocks and images.

Kathy got me started on this blog and I'm happy that she keeps me honest!  Thanks, Kathy!
Her blog is

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