Thursday, 12 June 2014

Restoration series

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
modern technology
We spent three days in Lancaster, Pennsylvania recently and visited both an Amish farm and a very modern farm.  While watching the automated system, I wondered aloud what would happen in a blackout.  A fellow traveler told me about the Restoration Series by Terri Blackstock.  I read the first book-"Last Light" about a major blackout.  Nothing is operating- electricity, water, stores, planes, cars.
 "The fast lane has come to a screeching halt and we don't have any skills to get us through this".
The parents attempted to help the neighbourhood, as they worked out their Christian faith.  Do we look after out own family- or share with those in worse situations? This author writes only Christian fiction.
The three children had no idea how to cope, and the 22-year-old was the worst.  She just whined and complained, because she was expecting to begin 'the good life' in Washington, D.C.

But who did have the skills?  the Amish.  However....
"The Amish were not impacted by the outage since they aren't dependent on technology, but they were the victims of burglaries."
Since this novel took place in Birmingham, Alabama, everyone had a gun- including the teenagers.  So people were being killed- for food, bicycles, and other essentials.  It was anarchy!

I don't plan to read the other three books, but I do wonder about the series title- Restoration.
Is it referring to the restoration of technology?
Or the more spiritual restoration of the family?
Or both? would we manage in a blackout?

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