Sunday, 27 April 2014

What's Pat reading?


Book clubs are a great way to meet interesting people.  Pat has been a welcome addition to our library book club and I had an opportunity to have coffee with her recently.  What a delight! One of the joys in my life is chatting with other readers.
And Pat exudes a love for books.  Growing up in the country, reading was very important to her family.  Her mother belonged to a book club that sent out the books for purchase. The children were able to read some of those books and it made reading important and exciting.
The result is that Pat and her sister are both avid readers.  Her  sister lives in Toronto and they chat on the phone every day.  Books are often part of the conversation.  Do they always agree on a book?  Often, but not always.  So they discuss the book thoroughly and agree to disagree!
Pat's visual limitations have in no way limited her connection with books.  She has two avenues of reading- one is a device known  as CCTV.  This machine projects the written words onto her computer.  Thus, while reading in this format, Pat needs to be at her computer.  And so, Pat supplements that reading with an e-reader that is portable.  Actually she uses an ipad for this purpose, where she has a large screen with its own light.
               Two books on the go!
                                                     And what are her favourites?
                                                                                              Stories from a variety of countries.

"Cutting for Stone" by Abraham Verghese

Marion and Shiva Stone are twins born of a union between a nun and a British surgeon.  When they are orphaned, they both become doctors in Ethiopia.

"The Colour of Tea" by Hannah Tunnicliffe.

In Macua, Grace Miller's life is in turmoil.  Her marriage is disintegrating and her dreams of a family seem impossible.  She resolves to do something bold- she opens a small cafe.

"A Walk Across the Sun" by Corban Addison.

Two sisters in India are orphaned by a tsunami, kidnapped and delivered to a brothel in Mumbai.

And her most favourite is......
 "Pride and Prejudice".
Pat's favourite

Pat also enjoys mysteries (Louise Penny, Giles Blunt) and legal thrillers (Robert Rotenberg).
For encouragement and support, Pat goes to Joyce Meyer, author of "Battlefield of the Mind".
What a delightful variety of reading styles and content!  
I appreciate knowing Pat!


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