Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The McCourt boys

Teacher Man (2005)'Tis: A Memoir (1999)
Singing my him song (2000)A Monk Swimming (1998)
                                                Frank and Malachy McCourt 
These brothers are both great storytellers.  They have each written two biographical books that are fun to read.
I always thought that Frank was the more steady, educated, professional man, while Malachy was the drinking, fighting, womanizer.
But they both have that Irish wit and Irish temper.  Frank was married three times and died in 2009.  He is best known for winning a Pulitzer prize for "Angela's Ashes".
Malachy had a radio show and made appearances on T.V. shows like "The Tonight show".  He acted and dabbled in politics.  He is now 82.
Both were interesting men with charm and fascinating stories.
In later years, they did a two-man show called "A Couple of Blaguards".

"Teacher man" is our current book club selection.  I had read the other books five years ago, so I am enjoying reading this book now and remembering the McCourt brothers.

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