Friday, 29 November 2013

To finish or not to finish?


   Today at book club, one of the members decided not to finish Maeve Binchy's "A Week in Winter".  The book did not capture her in the first 50 pages and her belief is that there are thousands of books, so why read a book that does not interest you?
   In part, I wish that I could adopt that stance.  However, when reading for a book club, I push through.  I always feel that if the book has been chosen, there must be something interesting about that book.  In fact, I have been heard to say that there must be a pony in this pile of....

   Well, I am having trouble finding a pony or anything resembling one in my recent book club choice.
"Dogs at the Perimeter" by Madeleine Thien is really challenging me.  I have read half of the book and hated every minute of reading.  I really should stop, right?
  But the book was in the Canada Reads' list of 40 books that could change the nation.  It is advertised as "a nightmare of a story, a dream of a novel".  It was not chosen for the contest this year, but since it was mentioned it must have some value.  Right?  If I push through the 'nightmare', will I come to the 'dream'?

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