Thursday, 21 November 2013

Books 'on the road'

  We spent a week on a bus trip with the Drayton Entertainment Travel Group.  Wherever I go, I am aware of people reading or talking about books.
  Early in the trip, I overheard a woman talking very passionately about One Book One Community.  I also love O.B.O.C. and always read and discuss the book.  This year I was particularly impressed and excited.  So was Jackie.
  I was also delighted that Jackie had decided to read "Shepherd of the Hills" in preparation for the trip to Branson.  The book tells about the early days of Branson and I read it many years ago.
  I am always happy to see fellow travallers that are reading and willing to talk about books.

Eleanor was sitting behind us, and was often engrossed in reading.
   We began talking about Alice Munro because she just won the Nobel Prize for Literature.  Eleanor had a fascinating story about Alice.
  Over twenty years ago, Eleanor's husband gave her a gift-wrapped copy of one of Alice's books.  And he had arranged for a private signing at her house- something Eleanor will never forget.  She loves to re-read "Lives of Girls and Women" as well as many of Alice Munro's earlier books.

  Merle always has a smile.  And she is willing to share her love of books.  She enjoys the books of John Grisham, and especially enjoyed "The Racketeer". When she wants something lighter, she reads Janet Ivanovich and Nora Roberts.
   Lots of happy people on the bus, and sharing our love of reading is a great way to connect.

   Emma's favourite book is the book of Life- her life.  She is an amazing woman who sees life as a book.  She grew up in an Old Order Mennonite family where she discovered reading and was transported.
   She looks back, at 76, to her life as a book.  She talks about her three children in three years.  There were two husbands who needed care at the end of their lives.  In fact she said, "We walked together to heaven's gates, rang the bell and then he went in and I went back to find myself again".
   Emma's life is an amazing book!

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