Friday, 8 March 2013

Canada Reads 2013


Canada Reads 2013
     I love Canada Reads.  I have been following it since it began in 2002. 
 I am thrilled that Canada has a nation-wide discussion about books. 
 I am not always thrilled with the choice of books or the panel. 
 However, I always enjoy the discussions.
   For a few years, Christina and I both read the five books nominated and we discussed them, attempting to decide which book should be the winner.  Sometimes we were together listening to the radio for the discussions.  Then we began to watch the podcasts.  One year, we went to Toronto for the launch.  That was very exciting!  We bought all five books and had them autographed. 
    Last year, we both lost interest in the choice of biographies.  But this year, I became interested again and followed closely.  It was very entertaining!

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