Friday, 14 April 2017

The Storm Sister

  How delightful to settle in with another of Lucinda Riley's books on the Seven Sisters.  I really love her writing!
  I wrote about the first book here.  
  Pa Salt, living in luxury in Switzerland, adopted the girls from all over the world and named them after the stars in the constellation "Pleiades".
  The girls have the last name D'Apliese.  Change the letters around and you get "Pleiades".  One of the many mysteries about Pa Salt.  Apparently his name is also an anagram.  Can't figure that one out.
    Pa has died and each book begins with this sentence: 
"I will always remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard that my father had died."
  Each book focusses on one of the sisters, telling about her relationship with Pa, and the information he left about her heritage.

Maia  followed the trail of clues to Brazil.  Her fascinating story was in book one.
Alcyone (Ally) finds her ancestors in Norway.  Book Two
Asterope (Star)  Book Three is being released this week.
Celaeno (CeCe)  Next year.
Taygete (Tiggy)  The Next year.
Electra  The next year.  A long wait, but so worthwhile.
Merope- actually there is no Merope- another mystery!
But this last book will reveal all the secrets of this unusual family.

  The books are long and filled with fascinating stories, that all intermingle.  I am loving this series.  It takes me on a wonderful journey.  I can wait and anticipate the next book.  However, I found this time that I had to look again at the first book to recall the intricacies of the plot.  I may have to buy the books, but they are only in hardcover at present.  If I wait until the end, they may release a lovely paperback version of the whole series. 

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