Monday, 3 April 2017

Canada Reads is over for another year

  Our Canada Read discussion group met for one final hurrah.  But it wasn't particularly joyful.  We generally agreed that this was not a good year for Canada Reads.  You can read about our discussion group here.
  The book selection was not great- no real winners for me.  The panel never seemed to gel.

   The 'reality show' aspect was bothersome to Chantal and also to us.  We realize that the program is meant for entertainment, and it would not get such a following if it was a 'literary discussion'.    
  However, when they vote the best book off first in order to give their book a better chance of winning, it loses credibility.
  The selection of books this year included a fable, two science-fiction, one non-fiction and one literary fiction.  The fable won.

Humble the Poet was supporting "Fifteen Dogs" and did a very good job, but I still don't understand the book.  So, for me, it is Canada re-reads because I will need to read it again to finally understand what it is about.  It certainly is not about dogs, but about human consciousness.

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