Friday, 22 April 2016


The blogging world has many surprises for me and here is one:
Dewey's 24-hour Readathon 
It's time
I discovered it on a blog that I visit.
Click here: Avid Reader's Musings.
   This Saturday is the date for this readathon.  It was started in 2007 by a woman whose blog was called The Hidden Side of A Leaf.  When she died the next year, the readathon was continued by others.
   You can read about it here.    There is a synchronized starting time that joins the readers at the beginning of the 24 hours and you are encouraged to read as long as you can. Social media is a big part of the readathon and is 2/3 of the fun.  But it is suggested that that aspect be limited to the first 10 minutes of each hour. They have had 2000 participants register in the past.  They give away prizes and have cheerleaders.  

   Melissa at Avid Musings has been involved with 9 readathons in the past and added up her pages and books.  Here is the count: 43 books, 10,113 pages.  Melissa is a very fast reader and I have pointed out her statistics in my blog before.  She has taken a break since having a baby but she is back for this readathon.

   This would not work for me because I read, and analyze, and read, and think, and analyze, and read, and think some more, then fall asleep.
Happy reading, bloggers!

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