Friday, 8 April 2016

book bags

   Since I love book clubs, I find this library resource helpful.   Each bag holds  seven copies of one book, which is really helpful when many people are needing a copy of the same book.
  There are 98 different titles and the loan period is 6 weeks.
  I have been a strong advocate for book clubs located in local libraries.  We have four branches of our local library and I am delighted that we now have at least one book club in each branch.  There are so many different ways of running a book club and this is the variety that we have so far:
1.) everyone reads the same book to discuss ( 2 different locations)
2.) discussions about books, films, and music- rotating among the local bars and cafes.
3.) B.Y.O.B. - bring your own baby and talk about books
4.) Amnesty International book club - discussion of one book, followed by social action
5.) cook book book club- sharing recipes and cook books

  I have been concerned with the changes in our local "Ideas Unlimited".  Since the name changed, I was afraid that the focus on books would be gone in the midst of art, music, crafts.
You can read my library rant here.
  But I am happier now that the book clubs are developing.
  The library also has developed a branch of Third Age learning, that has outgrown the room available at any library branch, and has been moved to a local church.
   So there still is a focus on books and learning.

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