Monday, 24 August 2015

"The Headmaster's Wife" by Thomas Christopher Greene

   This book reminded me of "The Life of Pi".  There are two stories. Which one do you believe?
   The novel is in three sections.  The first section told about a headmaster who is found naked in the park.  He tells police about his obsession with a young female student, "Betsy".  Shades of "Lolita". Creepy!
   In the second section, "Betsy" is his wife and it tells of their life together.  Quite a different story.
   The "Amazon" review had this to say:
"Luminous and atmospheric, bringing to life the tight-knit enclave of a quintessential New England boarding school, the novel is part mystery, part love story and an exploration of the ties of place and family.  Beautifully written and compulsively readable, The Headmaster's Wife stands as a moving elegy to the power of love as an antidote to grief".

  I would love to be able to write like that, but honestly, I think I read a different book!  I did not see a 'love story' so I don't understand the 'elegy to the power of love'.
  The novel does deal with grief, but love?
Actually, sex, yes.
  And that creeped me out, because the author said that he got the ideas for this book while he was spending hours at the bedside of a sick baby that did not survive.
  Also, he was a headmaster.
  I have read that this is a 'literary thriller' or a 'psychological novel'.
  Many people loved this book.  I thought it was about madness and despair coming from grief, and I could have done without the 'lasciviousness'.  

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