Friday, 21 August 2015

Anita Shreve

I was introduced to Anita Shreve when Oprah chose her novel "The Pilot's Wife" for her book club back in 2001.

"The Pilot's Wife" was a fine novel.  I read it in a day.  Simple story, simple sentences about infidelity and the question, "Do you ever really know anyone?"

I followed that novel with "The Last Time They Met".  Didn't really enjoy it much.  The theme is reuniting with a lost love.

"Where or When" is another book about reuniting with a lost love and infidelity.  Not really satisfying.
And now "Light on Snow".  I read the first three books in 2001 and was given this book recently in a pile of give-aways.  Figured that I would try it out.  Knew it would be a quick read.  Was reminded that her books are not really satisfying to me. This book had the possibility of being better.  A man who had lost his wife and baby daughter in a car accident is thrown into contact with a woman whose boyfriend put their newborn baby out to die in the snow.  Yes, rather far-fetched but the contact could have been healing for the dad.  Well, I guess it was, but the characters were so weak.  And the writing left much to be desired.

Quick reads, quick blog!
Happy Reading!

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