Monday, 23 March 2015

"Leaving Time" by Jodi Picoult


  I have a grandson who was obsessed with elephants for years.  We spent hours and hours every summer, spring and fall watching elephants at the African Lion Safari.  Hunter, from age 2 - 12, would often phone just to talk about the elephants.  He knew each elephant by name and used those names for his imaginary friends.
  And so, I was happy to read this book that is filled with information about elephants.
  The focus of the book is Jenna's search for her mother who disappeared when Jenna was three years old.  
  I read this book because three of my friends had read it and I knew it was popular. There are a lot of holds on this book in the library.
  Perhaps it is popular because Jodi Picoult has made a name for herself in writing about moral dilemmas and working an interesting story around that.
  I didn't see a moral dilemma in this story and some of Picoult's fans are not pleased with her recent writing, feeling that she has strayed from her original writing style.  I know that she has a new publisher- Random House.
  There was a psychic, Serenity, involved in this story and the ending is confusing because Serenity can't tell who is alive and who isn't.  So you can imagine how the readers feel.  Thus the title: "Leaving Time".

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