Thursday, 19 March 2015

Canada Reads: And the winner is....

And the winner is..."Ru" by Kim Thuy.
I am delighted that this book won the contest.  It is really a piece of art and great literature.  It is also moving and enlightening.  I prefer to be 'enlightened' than be challenged in a confrontational, disrespectful way.
And here is the panel.......
Cameron Bailey, Kristin Kreuk, Wab Kinew, Martha Wainwright, Lainey Lui, Craig Kielburger

Cameron was an amazing advocate for the winning book.  His comments were always calm and positive, as he spoke eloquently for this book.
"Ru" is filled with suffering, but also compassion, sympathy and sensitivity to all.
Cameron was smart and gentle in his statements- just delightful!
He talked about beauty and art.

Lainey was also very eloquent, but with great passion.  She was on a mission and was not to be distracted.  Her comments were so persuasive that Craig felt it was necessary to ask her to read a passage from the book so that the public would not be surprised by the vulgar, sexual content when they were persuaded by Lainie to read it.

Martha was the weakest link in the panel.  She was supporting an interesting book, but was trying so hard to make it fit the theme that she tried to put more spice in it than was there.   She fed into the sensationalism, talking about octogenarian sex and pendulous penises.
Actually that was not the focus and I liked the book more on a second reading.  It really is an interesting book, but not for the reasons that she promoted it.

Unfortunately, Kristin's book was the first one eliminated.  She hardly had time to talk about the merits of the book.  It was my favourite and I wish it had been explored in more depth.  However, Kristin did her best and was always thoughtful and gracious.  She seemed easily swayed by other arguments as she tried to look at issues from every angle.

And then there is Craig- the only one brave enough to let the public know the type of content that is in "When Everything Feels Like the Movies".  There was some confrontation in the second show, but then he decided to follow the manner of Cameron, and spoke only of positive attributes of each book.

"Warning:  This episode contains strong language that some audience members may find offensive."
Did you ever think that it would be necessary to add this warning to an episode of Canada Reads?  It was not in the livestream edition on the computer (apparently they weren't anticipating this happening).  But it was added to the T.V. show and also the 'offensive' part was cut out.
When I went back to check on the computer video, the most offensive word had been censored.  I found that really interesting.  Canada Reads chose a book that could not be read on the show because of F.C.C. regulations.
Did Canada Reads choose a book that was controversial in order to improve ratings?  If so, it worked.
This show may be seen to be breaking barriers of 'good taste'.
It certainly wasn't a boring literary discussion.
The Globe and Mail called it "a survivor-for-bookworms reality show where notable Canuck bibliophiles defend beloved home- grown titles."

And here are the real winners.....
A group that read and discussed each book individually.  What a great experience!
Thanks, Judy!

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