Monday, 1 December 2014

Old Books

What can you do with old books?  While re-organizing my living room, I cleaned out the book shelves.  And I found some old books.
Just look at this wonderful set of World Book Encyclopedia from 1967.
They are commemorating the centennial of Canadian Confederation.
Very special and very important to our family.
Our children were too young to use them in 1967, but we thought they were a wonderful investment.  And they were!

Now we are finding it hard to get rid of them.  They certainly are not needed any more.  But they have been important to our children and grandchildren.  They have become almost a part of the family.
At my age, anything that you part with makes a sad occasion.  The memories swarm back.
And parting with the encyclopedia was the beginning of weeding the book shelves.

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  1. Dear Betty,

    You did the best thing possible. I have found it much easier to let go of things if I take a picture!