Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Gayle's bookshelf

I met Gayle at a book club.  She is a great reader and we clicked because we often enjoyed the same books.  We both love interesting characters and we really prefer a linear story!
Because of a disability, Gayle is not always able to get to book discussions and so John and I visited to chat about books- our own little book club!
John loved "Emma" and had a great chat with Gayle about it. Gayle also wanted to discuss "The Woefield Poultry Collective", but John  didn't like that one and didn't finish reading it.
We had tea and scones and a lovely chat.

Because we like the same books, I find Gayle's bookshelf intriguing. She had to down-size recently when she moved and, since her husband is building a house on Lake Huron, she is trying to get as many books read as possible before the next move.
Gayle had a career with Bell Canada, as a manager.  She also spent three years working at Chapters where she must have spent her paycheque on books.  This is only one of her shelves, but the most fascinating.

Gayle's book shelf

I have read some of the books on this shelf and there are others that are on my list of must-reads.
I can't wait until Gayle reads "A Round-Heeled Woman". The protagonist,  Jane, was 66 and felt 'a little dying' happening to her.  She had been celibate for 42 years and wanted to have one last fling.  It is a bizarre, crude, quirky book.  Quick and fun to read.  Entertaining. 
I'm also interested in Gayle's reaction to Mark Haddon's book "A Spot of Bother".  Mark Haddon takes mental health issues and writes from the perspective of the patient.  "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" was hugely popular.  Wonderful to get inside the mind of an autistic boy. Now Mark has written about a 57-year-old retired hypochondriac.  Sounds interesting, but some of his fans were disappointed.  What will Gayle think?
Gayle has been reading for 20 years and "The Life of Pi" is her favourite book. Many people agree and it was made into a movie.
Gayle just finished reading John Grisham's "Painted House". Written in 2001, this book is very different from the legal thrillers that Grisham usually writes.
Gayle enjoys when she can learn from books.  I love discussing books with her!

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  1. Very nice write-up...thank you. And here's to many more book discussions!! Gayle