Friday, 6 April 2018

"Every day" by David Levithan

   After the stress of Canada Reads, I was delighted to get caught up in this out-of-this-world novel.  And here is the cover.  I think I picked this book mostly because of the cover.  I wanted to be floating around in space- out of this world.
  A very bizarre plot- are you ready?
This is the promotion on the cover:
"Every day a different body,
Every day a different life.
Every day in love with the same girl."
It is the strangest love story that I have ever read!
   "A" is the spirit that goes to bed in one body and wakes up in another body- girl, boy, black, white, large, small- always different, but always the same age, 16, and in the same geographic location.  He tries to be very sensitive to the body that he is in, and make it easy for that person to return the next morning.  Of course, there is no explanation of why this is happening, because it is out-of-this-world and an intriguing fantasy.
   But, while inhabiting Jason's body, "A" falls in love with Jason's girlfriend Rhianna. He has access to Jason's thoughts, so he knows that Jason has not been treating Rhianna well. And so, he tries to keep track of Rhianna after leaving Jason's body.  That becomes interesting and eventually he has to explain to her what is happening.
   Surprisingly enough, she tries to adapt to the possibility of a boyfriend who is in a different body every day.  There are lessons to be learned there.
  There is a sub-plot of the after-effects of his takeover of another young man, but it never made sense to me.
author-David Levithan
  This book has been made into a movie and there is also another novel written from Rhianna's point of view.  I have read that it is not as interesting as the story of "A", popping in and out of different bodies. 
  The ending of "Every Day" is not completely satisfying.  But the writing is spectacular!  It provides an escape from the 'real world'.

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