Monday, 15 May 2017

Great Books

This newspaper article had been saved from August 20, 2011.  Last week, after several rainy days, we found a free day with good weather and prepared for a drive through beautiful country. 
"Great Books" is a renovated mill that now houses a book store and cafe.  It is located in Williamsford, a very small town, just south of Owen Sound, on highway 6.
 From here, it is a leisurely drive of a couple of hours.  We arrived at noon and were surprised at the popularity of the cafe.  It certainly has an unusual ambience since the barn is
 chuck-full of books.  And I do mean, chuck-full!

Tables are arranged amongst many book displays such as this and provide an ideal setting for a leisurely lunch.  The menu  is extensive and the food well-prepared.
The bookstore aspect blows the mind!  I have never seen so many book in one place!
  Perhaps not even in a library!  

There are several sets of stairs with books on every level and in room after room after room!

Of course, I needed to find a book as a souvenir of our visit.  But, belive it or not, the extensive nature of the collection makes it hard to choose.  But, I chose "Tono-Bungay" by H.G. Wells.  I will be leading a discussion of another H.G. Wells book "The Time Machine", so thought this would be a good read.

This cafe/bookstore also caters to weddings and other special events.  Wouldn't it be a great place for book clubs?
Actually, they had one in the past, but it was discontinued.
Maybe they could make another section into bedrooms and have weekend retreats for book lovers.
If I lived closer I would offer to volunteer with the books because the owners are kept busy with the cafe.
I could chat all day about books and help visitors find what they are looking for.
We had a very interesting and fun day!

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