Monday, 29 August 2016


  T.B.R. (To Be Read) Everyone has a pile but I have a bin.  
 I had great plans for summer reading.  Since there is only one book club that goes through the summer, I thought that I would dig into my 'bin', containing all the books that I have bought over the years but never found time to read.
  I love to buy books when I travel, but when I get home, I have to get down to the business of preparing for book clubs.  So the books collect in the 'bin'.  This summer, I was able to sort through the bin, get rid of some books and read others.
  All of the books on my shelf have been read and are favourites that I want to keep and perhaps re-read.
the book bin for unread books

   Speaking of re-reading, that was another plan that I considered for the summer.  Why keep trying new books that you may or may not enjoy?  Why not spend the whole summer re-reading favourites?  Sounded like a good plan but I didn't have the discipline to do that.      

   I just kept arranging books in piles that I was sure that I needed to re-read.  I didn't get to any of them, but John did.  And I enjoyed looking at them and remembering the joy that they gave me once, and I am sure I will dive into them again.      Until then, they go back on my shelf!

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