Friday, 2 October 2015

Jimmy Carter

   Jimmy Carter was a guest on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday.  I was enthralled!  I have always appreciated this man and his contribution to the world.
   We visited the Presidential Library and Museum in 2002 and found the buildings and gardens beautiful and peaceful with lovely sculptures, connected to the work of the Carter Centre.
  Because Atlanta is so large, we didn't want to tackle driving in the city and the only solution was a limo.  It seemed extravagant at the time, but we have always been grateful for that fascinating tour of Atlanta with a knowledgable and interesting driver.  And the Carter centre was the highlight for us.  We spent some time there, soaking up the atmosphere.  Jimmy Carter was sitting at a table of well-dressed people, both men and women (and security nearby).  We were told that we could speak to him (obviously it wasn't a formal meeting), but I wasn't comfortable interrupting him- just delighted to see him.
  I believe he has done amazing humanitarian work in the world.  He received the Nobel Peace Prize in the fall of the year that we had visited there.  But I don't feel that his accomplishments have been truly appreciated by the United States.  He wasn't the kind of president that they wanted.  I hope some day his efforts for peace will be recognized by American citizens.
  He has written many books, and many other books have been written about him.  I am putting some of them on my Christmas list (it's never too early).
  I only own one book by Jimmy Carter- "Living Faith".  I admire his Christian faith because it is lived and not preached.  However, he certainly can and does preach in a Sunday School class in Plains, Georgia.  This is a small town - only 376 residents. But I have read that a thousand may show up on Sunday morning. People line up all night to get a place in the small church in order to hear his lesson for that
week.  It must be a nightmare with traffic, secret service, bomb-sniffing dogs.
  Rather than visit his home church, I enjoy reading his books.  I went to buy his latest book, "A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety", but it is not in paperback yet. I'll wait.
  Yesterday was Carter's 91st birthday and he is battling cancer.  With his strong spirit, he has said that he is looking forward to the next stage of his life.  A great man!

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  1. I saw this show too, Betty. It's hard to believe Carter is not more widely admired in the U.S. I think he is a genuinely good person. Not only that but I admire his decision to leave his former church over the issue of women's rights. America could use more peace loving presidents like him. At the moment they are in dire need of a government who will do something about gun control. Look to the north folks and see the benefits of living in a country where guns do not outnumber people!