Friday, 11 September 2015

Scotiabank Giller Prize 2015

The Giller Prize, established in 1994, is a literary award given to a Canadian author of a novel or short story collection published the previous year.  There were 168 books considered.
   I am delighted to see that Alexander MacLeod is on the 5-member panel to choose the winner.  Alexander is the son of Alistair MacLeod and I really enjoyed Alexander's book "Light Lifting" that was nominated for this prize in 2010.
   In 1994, the prize was $25,000.00, but that has just been increased to $100,00.00 for the winner and $10,000.00 for each finalist.  The five finalists will be announced on October 5 and the final gala announcing the winner will be televised on November 10.

Here is the longlist:

"Fifteen Dogs"     by Andre Alexis
"Arvida"     by Samuel Archibald
"If I Fall, If I Die"     by Michael Christie
"Outline"     by Rachel Cusk
"Undermajordomo Minor"     by Patrick deWitt
"Close to Hugh"     by Marina Endicott
"A Beauty"     by Connie Gault
"All True Not a Lie In It"     by Alix Hawley
"The Winter Family"     by Clifford Jackman
"Daydreams of Angels"     by Heather O'Neill
"Martin John"     by Anakana Schofield
"Confidence"     by Russell Smith

There are 3 short story collections in this list.
None of these books has a strong appeal for me, but I will really enjoy watching the award ceremony.

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