Monday, 6 July 2015

author-Jeff Shaara

    My husband, John, has a great interest in the Civil War and he has discovered the world of "Jeff Shaara". 

    John had read all the books that he could find in the library.  Then, last week, he discovered that a new book had just been published.    So you can imagine his surprise when, early one morning, a parcel arrived for him from Jeff Shaara.  It contained the last four books about the Civil War- including the recently published copy!  And they were autographed and inscribed!
  If you believe in re-incarnation, you might believe that John was there and witnessed (or planned?) the whole war.  He knows each leader by name and has read many books on this subject.  We have also visited many of the sites.
   Although John had already read three of the four books in the package, he will no doubt be reading them many more times.  And that is why the large print will probably be needed.

These wonderful books are taking up residence right beside John's all-time favourite author, Tolkien.  You will notice that one of the Tolkien books is missing.  John has loaned it to a grandson.
The books were a 55th anniversary present.

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  1. Happy anniversary to a wonderful book loving couple!