Friday, 19 June 2015

Book Clubs

  Book clubs are my delight!   Since my retirement, I have been involved in three or four book clubs a month. I have felt strongly that every branch of the library should sponsor at least one book club.
  Until 2 years ago, there were none in our library system.  I had spoken to everyone who would listen from the C.E.O. of the library to regular employees.  Perhaps that finally had an affect, perhaps it was the new C.E.O., perhaps it was the new focus of "Ideas Unlimited", but there are now 6 book clubs.  And the library is showing its creativity in the variety of styles for those groups.
Preston Library book club
  Two years ago, we started this book club to run in a traditional way.  Each month we all read the same book and discuss all aspects of the book using the questions posed by the leader.  It is a great group that attracts new people.  Another branch of the library system is planning its first meeting in July, with the book "The Casual Vacancy" by J.K. Rowlings.  I expect it will follow the same method and I will be at the first meeting to cheer them on!
  Two years ago, the main branch started an un-book club.  This group rotates among local restaurants and pubs where they discuss books in general as well as films or any other topic of interest.  This group is doing well and attracting younger people.
  Two more book clubs are in the planning stage- one on a food theme and the other will be B.Y.O.B.-
that's right- bring your own baby!  I love this idea and hope that it will attract many young mothers who can share their love of reading without worrying about a babysitter.
   The 6th book club has already started and I have attended the first meeting.  I will write about it in my next blog.
   Happy reading!

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