Friday, 15 May 2015

The Next Chapter

   There have never been as many visitors to my blog as when I posted about "Station 11" - the One Book One Community book.  Nobody left a response, but I'm sure they were disappointed with my reaction to the book.
  My daughter told me about Shelagh Rogers interviewing the author on the CBC.  It is a radio show called "The Next Chapter" with Shelagh Rogers.  You can get it by googling "The Next Chapter".
   And this is the quote from the author:

  I certainly didn't see this novel as 'a love letter'.  The author recognizes that we take so much for granted and wondered what it would be like without the 'modern trappings'.  What would you miss?
  At the end of the book, they set up a museum of things that cannot be used any more- cell phones, credit cards, etc.  Interesting.
  Another topic of interest is wondering what would you want to survive. What is best about the world?   The author's answer is: Shakespearean plays and classical music.
  Well, now I have some ideas for the discussion in September.  I have mentioned that most dystopian novels are cautionary tales.  This novel seems to want to bring your attention to the joy of living in this age of electricity, computers and other technology.  What would you miss?  Shouldn't you appreciate it more?

And that brings me to a quote that my friend, Terri, brings to my attention:

No two persons ever read the same book. -Edmund Wilson, critic (8 May 1895-1972) 

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